Put your butts here!

You might have noticed a small change in the look of Downtown Everett recently. The Downtown Everett Association has removed many of the old aggregate cigarette urns that sat on the sidewalks and has invested in a new cleaner and safer way of collecting and disposing of cigarette waste.

The Downtown Everett Association has entered into a partnership with TerraCycle to purchase 15 of their aluminum cigarette receptacles. These new tamper proof receptacles are mounted to street poles on Hewitt Ave and Colby Ave. 

The waste collected from these receptacles will be sent back to TerraCycle where they will recycle the waste into materials to make new products. TerraCycle will award credits for the waste collected in Downtown Everett that can then be used as donations for charity. 

So if you do decide to smoke please keep an eye out for one of our new receptacles and do your best to make sure your butts end up inside.